Bukit Tinggi BBQ/Restoran Makanan Laut Bukit Tinggi

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I first discovered this place through a friend who is an avid 4x4 fan and organizer of the many 4X4 events organized nationally; travels on his 4X4 all the way to many places in the world, as far as driving from here through the many challenging terrains until China!

Bukit Tinggi BBQ is well hidden inside one of the road leading to Kg Bukit Tinggi. I was very much amazed by the unique decors inside as you can see, the many umbrellas', which are 'autographed' by the many patrons' from different companies, press',etc and wine/beer bottles. As am writing this, I will bring an umbrella with my next group and leave our much treasured signature behind. And, find out the story of the umbrellas and many many bottles'.

This pot,which looks like a double boiler, has the top layer laden with clams, prawns & crabs, whilst the bottom layer is the soup, that has all the seafood flowing in adding to the sweetness of the soup, which has pieces of the infamous expensively priced Bentong ginger inside.
The seafood are very fresh and the restaurant has very spicy chilli padi too! You can just dip your pieces of prawns or clams into the soy sauce that has the chilli padi, and wham! Be careful - real spicy.

As you are halfway through your food, the staff will come and take away the pot and put it back onto the stove, return your leftover of seafood in another plate. While you are eating, they will add in mix vegetables with some oyster mushrooms' into the soup and once ready, they will serve you the second layer as seen below.

If you find your food a bit too cold for your liking, just dish out your favorite seafood into your bowl and pour in the hot soup with the new combination. Alternatively, throw in the leftover of the seafood for half a minute or so, and take it out again. The soup is so sweet from all the combination and delicious that you cant stop drinking! This pot of seafood costs us RM95 for 3 headcounts (I think 4 headcounts would be just nice) inclusive of a pot of 'Tea King' (Cha Wong = RM8) and a plate of small rice.
This restaurant has other delicious dishes like the local breed chicken (kampung chicken) which is steamed and served with chopped ginger + spring onion served separately, grilled lamb (I dont take lamb,unfortunately) which is one of their specialty. I had tried some other dishes too but cant remember as it was way before I decided to start food blogging.
Bukit Tinggi BBQ is the main signage of the restaurant as you see when you arrives, whilst the other name is much smaller on the side of the restaurant. Dont ask me, as I am as baffled as you are!Take a walk around and you will see many lovely bougainvillas', nice little garden growing passion fruit with four-angled beans. The address is:
Lot No HS (M) 1830 Pt 3338
Bukit Tinggi
Contact: +609-2330 330 or the above mobile number.
To make it easier, if you are from KL, Bkt Tinggi is just after Genting, thus:
1) head on straight as though you are going to Genting
2) turn off at Bukit Tinggi and take the first right turn (too many signages - you will be blurred!)
3) follow the curve of the road into a tunnel, you will see BHP petrol station
4) take the turn to BHP petrol station, immediately turn right. It is EXACTLY behind the petrol station

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